Changing behaviors and lifestyles to sustainably improve health

  • Meta-coaching: e-health coaching powered by artificial intelligence

    Professionals in the fields of healthcare, business intelligence and the Internet, we created Méta-Coaching in 2009 to design and put online personalized and participative e-health programs to make Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies accessible to all.

  • Our French start-up is now

    • certified Young Innovative Company and Research Tax Credit
    • member of the Medicen, Cap Digital and Systematic competitiveness clusters, supported by Oseo, the Centre Francilien de l'innovation, Scientipôle Initiative, and the Île-de-France region
    • leader of an innovation project on an integrated approach to the treatment of insomnia as part of the 2013 FUI16 interministerial call for projects.
    • winner of the Journées Nationale du Numérique en Santé 2016 for its ThéraSomnia program
  • Preventive and therapeutic, our e-health programs combine artificial intelligence and human support for a unique, personalized, individual experience, in which each person plays an active role in his or her own well-being.

  • Benefit from the same quality of expertise as in a face-to-face consultation

    The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy method of psychotherapy aims to change the way we think and behave, using a cognitive-emotional and mindfulness-based approach. Activities teach people techniques that can be applied immediately in their daily lives, and have demonstrated excellent results in the fields of health and personal fulfillment.

  • Our aim is to make these therapies accessible to as many people as possible

    Each of our programs is part of a sustainable development approach, effectively addressing risky behaviors over the long term.

    Our programs remove the barriers of access, time, psychological reluctance and cost, to help everyone achieve their goal of health and well-being in their daily lives.