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The program to free yourself from tobacco

Embrace the Thératabac program, based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapies (CBT), to effectively and sustainably help you quit smoking or vaping. By understanding the mechanics of tobacco or vaping addiction, analyzing your routines and habits, and deconstructing your deepest misconceptions, you will discover the essential resources to permanently break free from cigarettes or e-cigarette.


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  • Tobacco cessation, a public health issue!

    Approximately 32% of French individuals aged 18 to 75 are smokers, with a little over 25% being regular consumers. Almost 30% of them attempt to quit each year, which is a commendable effort. This is especially important because every year, 75,000 deaths are attributed to cigarettes (13% of total deaths), and up to 90% of lung cancers are tobacco-related. Regarding vaping, 2.5% of the French population vapes on a daily basis, and among them, a significant majority are tobacco smokers. For them, the electronic cigarette could potentially reduce their tobacco consumption, save money, and safeguard their health.

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  • Understanding the Mechanisms of Addiction for Better Liberation

    • Psychological addiction is significant You know, you feel that you need to quit, but it seems insurmountable... Cognitive Behavioral Therapies (CBT) help you overcome this cognitive dissonance for a better liberation!
    • Behavioral addiction is central Smoking or vaping has become a way of living or responding to emotions. Facing the ups and downs of daily life without relying on cigarettes is at the core of the ThéraTabac method!
    • Chemical addiction to nicotine is minor Nicotine is not a psychoactive substance and is rapidly eliminated from the body. ThéraTabac supports you when taking the step and crossing the threshold of nicotine withdrawal!
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  • Bernard Antoine, Specialist in Smoking and Vaping Cessation

    Bernard Antoine is a tobacco specialist and hypnotherapist. He has developed a method to help people quit smoking or vaping based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapies. Bernard Antoine offers consultations in his practice and also provides guidance on addiction-related topics to businesses and health organizations.


    His expertise has been instrumental in creating the ThéraTabac method, designed to assist those who wish to break free from tobacco. The ThéraTabac program offers support through workshops led by psychological coaches. You can also find our expert, Bernard Antoine, participating in the program's webinars.

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  • Transform your daily life, free yourself from tobacco. Discover a quitting aid method that revolves around 3 key elements to change your habits, behaviors, and preconceptions!


    A 5-stage route

    The ThéraTabac program helps you quit smoking for good.

    • Bienvenue dans votre programme Thératabac

      Etape 1 • Durée 1 jours

      Welcome to your Theratabac program

      Welcome to this new activity! Before starting the ThéraTabac program, we invite you to take stock of your cigarette and/or e-cigarette consumption.

    • Before taking the plunge, I find out: what's going to happen on my way to the stop? What symptoms can I expect? Is my decision well thought-out? This is a crucial step in confirming my choice!

    • We get down to the nitty-gritty: practical activities and moments of self-observation help me realize what kind of smoker/abuser I am and what situations and emotions trigger me. I begin to identify strategies.

    • I put into practice what I've learnt and learned in stages 1 and 2 by taking the step of quitting. I get rid of my equipment and smoke or vape one last time, consciously and stress-free!

    • Thanks to the learning, tools and techniques of the ThéraTabac program, I can avoid the pitfalls, manage cravings and any relapses, and achieve long-term abstinence!