TheraSomnia Coaching to Recover Good Quality Sleep

  • Insomnia is a Public Health issue in France

    6 million people call themselves insomniacs
    1 in 5 people suffer from chronic insomnia
    the French use 2 to 4 times more psychotropic drugs than other Europeans
    The social cost of insomnia is 1.5 billion euros per year

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  • Treating all Causes of Insomnia Without Medication

    The TheraSomnia program improves sleep quality and daytime performance.

    For long-term treatment of insomnia all the causes of bad sleep must be addressed:

    • emotional causes: tension, ruminations, anxiety
    • cognitive causes: false beliefs and expectations
    • behavioral causes: bad habits
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  • Insomnia CBT Experts

    Michel Billiard

    Former Head of Department of Neurology at the Gui de Chauliac Hospital in Montpellier and President of the European Sleep Research Society. M. Billiard created one of the first centers specializing in sleep and wake pattern in France. He is the author of many reference books and scientific articles.

    Gérard Apfeldorfer

    CBT psychotherapist. The program benefits from G. Apfeldorfer's great experience of relaxation techniques and emotional management.

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  • TheraSomnia Gives Users Access to Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies of Insomnia

    The French National Health Authority recommends TheraSomnia as primary care for permanently overcoming insomnia.

  • Clinical results of the ThéraSomnia program

    • 83% success in reducing the severity of insomnia
    • 82% improvement in sleep efficiency
    • 91% cessation or reduction in consumption of sleeping pills

    Source: Evaluation of the effectiveness of a French online cognitive-behavioral therapy program for insomnia, ThéraSomnia. Sleep Disorders Unit, Gui de Chauliac Hospital, Montpellier, France.

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    Les résultats cliniques du programme ThéraSomnia
  • A program you can access at any time



    Discover your ThéraSomnia program available from PC, tablet or mobile. After a detailed assessment of your sleep, the sleep diaries give you personalized instructions for getting back to quality sleep.

    Exchanges with coaches and daily challenges will help you get back to restful sleep in less than 3 months.


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    The effectiveness of the ThéraSomnia program has been scientifically proven by a clinical study

    Results of CBT patients with TheraSomnia (CHRU Gui de Chauliac, Montpellier, in 2016):

    83% of TheraSomnia users significantly reduced the severity of their insomnia

    82.7% improved their sleep efficiency

    91.7% stopped or reduced their consumption of sleeping pills



    Your sleep itinerary

    Get back to sleep in 6 steps The ThéraSomnia program helps you get back to sleep on a long-term basis. (This is an example, as the order of the steps may differ according to the profile obtained from your intake questionnaire).

    • Je comprends le sommeil

      Etape 1 • Durée 9 jours

      I understand sleep

      This first step will help you understand how insomnia works. You'll learn about the different sleep cycles and their importance for your body. During this stage, you'll discover your first sleep diary to analyze your nights.

    • In this step, you'll discover how your lifestyle influences your nights. First, by creating the right conditions for a good night's sleep. Activities will help you learn to distinguish between fatigue and the desire to sleep. You'll then discover the technique of restricting the time you spend in bed during the second sleep diary.

    • In this step, you'll discover how to positively recondition your sleep through the techniques of stimulus control and bedtime restriction. You will then apply these techniques in the third sleep diary.

    • In this stage, you'll focus on relaxation through various techniques: first, you'll learn the Jacobson method, then the image-refuge and finally mindful breathing. You'll integrate the results of what you've learned into each corresponding sleep diary.

    • This step will enable you to put an end to the beliefs that may be hindering your sleep. The second part of this step will be devoted to night-time ruminations, and finally, your sleep diary will enable you to review the relaxation techniques discussed in the previous step.

    • This step will enable you to continue addressing the psychological aspects that can affect your sleep. In particular, this stage will focus on preconceived ideas and problem-solving before sleep.