Linecoaching: Nutrition Coaching for Happier Meals

  • A comprehensive approach to improving your child's health

    • Overweight and moderate obesity in children is becoming increasingly common, but it's not inevitable.
      To help your child grow up in good physical and mental health, our Nutrikids program offers you easy-to-implement, effective actions and exercises to rebalance your child's diet and lifestyle.
      The program will also help you restore your child's self-confidence, so that he can assert himself and develop his self-esteem.
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    alimentation conviviale
  • Awaken your child's alimentary senses!

    To lose weight sustainably, you must act on your eating behaviour 

    • Restrictive diets are not recommended for children. We suggest that you learn to eat differently, so as to give your child a healthy foundation on which to grow.
    • Teach your child to recognize hunger and satiety sensations 
    • Teach your child the importance of healthy eating and physical activity
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    redecouvrir le gout et le plaisir de manger
  • Specialists in CBT for eating disorders

    Dominique-Adèle Cassuto is an endocrinologist and nutritionist. A specialist in child and adolescent nutrition, she is the author of several practical books on weight-related issues for the very young.

    Psychotherapist Gérard Apfeldorfer has specialized in eating disorders for over 40 years. An opponent of restrictive diets, he advocates an instinctive approach to eating, as well as the use of mindfulness to better reconnect with sensations.

  • A personalized, educational and fun course

    This program is designed to awaken your child's alimentary senses and guide him towards healthy eating.


    Introduction to the program
    By Dr Cassuto, Nutritionist specializing in overweight children

    Your Nutrikids program

    • Faisons le point sur la situation de votre enfant

      Etape 1 • Durée 11 jours

      Let's take stock of your child's situation

      Is your child overweight or moderately obese? Find out if Nutrikids is the right tool for you. Then, by answering our questionnaire on your eating and lifestyle habits, you can help us personalize your child's program to better meet your objectives.

    • And where do you stand with regard to food? The pleasure of eating, how to prepare and organize meals, your relationship with food, weight and body image... We'll help you take stock, so you can help your child develop good habits too!

    • In this stage, we invite you to simply enjoy yourself! Learn how to enjoy your favorite foods the right way: no food is forbidden, as long as it's eaten with care, pleasure and discernment. Discovery activities for the whole family!

    • Here, we'll help your child become aware of his bodily sensations of hunger and satiety. Learning to recognize these sensations, and above all to respect them, is a key factor in regulating appetite and, ultimately, weight.

    • Gathering around a meal, talking about food, communicating, having a good time... Eating should, as often as possible, be a convivial moment for the whole family. In this step, we'll guide you in setting up a new mealtime organization and avoiding risky situations.

    • Physical activity is essential to balance your child's energy balance and avoid uncontrolled weight gain. How can you get enough exercise? What activities should you choose? How do you motivate a child who is resistant to sport and physical exercise in general?

    • Quality sleep is the key to balanced days and better overall health. On the other hand, lack of sleep can have significant and sometimes unsuspected consequences, particularly on your child's weight.

    • Children who are overweight or moderately obese need to be listened to and supported. Because they are more likely to suffer from discrimination or harassment, because their self-esteem is sometimes badly damaged, and because it's not always easy to find the right words to express their discomfort, Nutrikids gives you the keys.