Highly personalized health coaching solutions with proven results.

  • A solid scientific foundation


    Our programs are based on the online transposition of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, recognized for their effectiveness in the treatment of numerous pathologies.

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  • Interactivity and personalization

    Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies offer a series of behavioral, cognitive and emotional exercises organized as part of an evolving therapeutic pathway, guided by a therapist.

    Our program offers the same interactivity, featuring a “virtual coach” who guides the user and constantly adapts the therapeutic path and the advice given according to the user's progress in the activities.

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  • Programs powered by artificial intelligence

    This innovative virtual coaching solution is based on an expert system that integrates a rules engine to personalize the course and dialogues with the user, and a Machine Learning solution for continuous adaptation of the course and user experience. Our programs are available on mobile, tablet and desktop.

  • Support from psychologist coaches

    Our programs also provide users with highly qualified support:

    • themed chats with psychologist coaches and experts
    • questions and answers by e-mail with the psychologist coaches
    • optional telephone interviews
    • an active community with thematic exchange forums
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  • A solution for every problem

    Each of our programs addresses a specific health problem, with the aim of achieving concrete, lasting results. Each health program includes a customized path adapted to the user's profile and progress, as well as free-access resources (videos, activities, quizzes, articles) and challenges to sustain the behavioral changes learned.

  • ThéraSomnia

    ThéraSomnia is the 1st clinically validated online CBT program for insomnia.

    ThéraSomnia offers to improve the quality and efficiency of your sleep with CBT for insomnia: a treatment recommended by the health authorities for a better quality of life, full fitness during the day and restful rest at night.

    Our method is inspired by CBT for insomnia, recommended by the French National Authority for Health (HAS) as a first-line treatment for sleep problems.

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  • ThéraSéréna

    1st CBT program for stress management.

    ThéraSéréna helps you regulate and prevent stress through relaxation techniques, positive thinking, time management and relationship management, so you can rediscover a more serene life by improving your well-being and performance.

    CBT in the treatment of anxiety and burn-out is recommended by health authorities for its rapid and long-lasting action.

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  • LineCoaching

    LineCoaching offers a personalized method for losing weight sustainably without dieting, by rediscovering a better relationship with food, using mindfulness and emotional management techniques to change habits and behaviors that contribute to weight gain.

    Our method is inspired by CBT techniques using intuitive eating and mindfulness to help you lose weight healthily and sustainably, without deprivation or danger to your health.

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